TFFS031 Live Interview with Chanel Jaali Marshall


Today we talk Chanel Jaali Marshall, an English Teacher, a businesswoman, a researcher and sexual educator. Chanel and I have a wonderful time sharing on how she handles her awesome and amazing business in order to reach people’s heart, best business advice, affiliated communities, her greatest experience in a corporate world, and the lessons that she’d learned from her past experience.

What you’ll Learn this episode:

  • Best business advice
  • What is needed in business?
  • What is important in dealing with your business?
  • How important is the community?

A Little About Chanel

Chanel  is an owner of FAMEousJ Handmade Crochet and Beaded Accessories and Jaali Co., LLC. She is an independent researcher and sexual educator focusing on the topics of sexual development, sexual attitudes and behaviors, and reproductive rights.

Her research has been presented at The National Council for Black Studies Conference, the AYA conference at Temple University, and the BGSA conference at Northwestern University. Chanel is an HIV/AIDS activist and conducts community workshops nationwide on subjects from safer sex practices to sexual assault.

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