TFFS030 Live Interview with Tajuana Ross

Today we talk to Tajuana Ross, Linkedin Professor who teaches entrepreneurs to upgrade from being the Hunter to being the Hunted on Linkedin. Tajuana and I have the best time sharing her job on how she helps clients to build their brand and strategize for the purpose of their business; how to maximize platform as a branding tool; how to increase the overall footprint of her clients so they can thoroughly understand Linkedin and Google; and on how she teaches Emotional Intelligence.

What you’ll Learn this episode:

  • The importance of knowing Linkedin as a branding tool
  • How essential to have a team?
  • How important to understand self-awareness?
  • What are the important things that someone should do to their Linkedin profile?

A Little About Tajuana

Tajuana Ross is the President/CEO of Get Over Yourself Career and Life Coaching, Inc., the No. 1 Best Selling Author of Class Is Now In Session – Your 21 LinkedIn Questions Answered, Host of the Podcast The LinkedIn Professor – Schooling You on Building and Engaging Your Network, Host of the Radio Show I Call Bullshit – Remix Your Negative Self-Talk and a Professional Speaker.

Tajuana’s background as a former Corporate Rat-Racer includes 10+ years in Sales and 15 years as a Sales Training Professional at companies like MCI WorldCom, PrimeCo PCS, AT&T and Verizon Wireless. Now a Certified Facilitator, Certified Professional Life Coach and Certified Social Branding Coach, Tajuana uses her business acumen and access to wide-reaching platforms to lead people towards monetizing their professional brand in the emerging ‘Gig Economy’.

Known for her candid cadence, Tajuana brings unfiltered real-life stories to her interactions as a way to connect with her tribe. Friends know Tajuana as “The LinkedIn Professor”, “The Bullshit Remixer“ and she’s been dubbed “The Harriet Tubman of Corporate America” for the number of people that she’s coached on their journey from payroll to purpose. You’ll catch her wearing her signature “Blazer and Chucks”, as she’s empowering people to get unstuck.

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