TFFS032 Live Interview with Jackie Dawson


Today we talk to Jacqueline Dawson aka Jackie O’Nappy about her admirable job of being a therapist, a social services consultant, and a coach. Jacqueline and I have the best time sharing on how she helps other people recover for their living, her knowledge acquired from working with inmates, and the wonderful experience in working with different people as a therapist.

What you’ll Learn this episode:

– Tips to avoid burnout

– How to recover yourself from burnout?

– Benefits of being a therapist

– Best advice for the therapists

A Little About Jackie

Jackie is a clinical therapist, coach, blogger, and a social services consultant on a mission to erase the stigmas of mental illness and addiction. She has an extensive background in criminal justice system and residential treatment. Jackie has a passion for healing and helping people on a quest to transform anyone she meets. As a counselor, consultant, and coach, Jackie assists others in creating their best lives. As a blogger, she writes mental health documentary and can be found at


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