TFFS021 Live Interview with Sheena Lashay

Podcast Interview

Today we talk to owner, Cultural Provocateur and Creative Artist Sheena Lashay, about her mission to inspire authentic and powerful living.

Known for her creative and poignant philosophical approach, Sheena teaches and facilitates personal development and self-awareness through a value based system that challenges traditional paradigms of thinking.

Sheena and I have a great time as she shared her unique style of coaching and experiences and how she has helped individuals as well as corporate businesses with her expertise in pleasure, eroticism, self-expression, empowerment, dating, communication, organization, and innovation.

What you’ll Learn this episode:

  • How to manage your time effectively.
  • How to achieve high level of self awareness.
  • How to assist people that you’re not directly connected to.
  • How to become the highest version of yourself.

A Little About Sheena:

Sheena Lashay, owner of is a Creative Artist, Acclaimed Writer, Speaker, Consultant and a Thought Leader. She also loves to describe herself as a “Wild Magical Woman” and an “Intellectual Sensual Shaman.” Her expertise is sought globally including corporate clients such as Femme!, The Sweet Spot, Sheila Kelley S Factor, My Wander Year, MaryLai, Bodybinds, Iman Cosmetics, Verizon Wireless, MrCarryOn, the Travel Hustle Intl, Live Love Move, The KP Life, Redmoon Theater, The Pole Dancing Bloggers Association and Bare Essentials.

Sheena Lashay is a recognized leader in her industry with 15 years of consulting and industry experience in Project Management, Event Management, Production Management, and Business Leadership.

Facebook: SheenaLaShayLLC

Twitter: sheenalashay  


SweetSpotNation: Sheena-LaShay

YouTube: SheenaLashay

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