TFFS048 Live Interview with Shanelle Calvin


Shanelle Calvin is a Successful Coach, Course Creator, Speaker, Mastermind Facilitator, and Faith Based Content Creator. Shanelle and I have a wonderful time as she talks about her experience in coaching, how she started her own business, and how she helps other women to become a successful entrepreneur.

What you’ll Learn this episode:

  • Tips of a successful entrepreneur
  • The difference between coaching and training.
  • What is an effective coaching?
  • Is there a perfect organization that will teach you on how to learn about yourself, learn how to find yourself, and learn how to mimic some strategies or techniques?

A Little About Shanelle

Shanelle is a Successful Coach, Speaker, Author at SC Coaching LLC. She studied Marketing at SUNY Oswego. She helps leaders and entrepreneurs leverage technology to save time, increase performance, and create digital products. Together they bring their vision to life, spread their message further, and increase their impact. Her services including success coaching, content creation, training, and public speaking.
She started as an entrepreneur back in 2009. It was the recession, and she was shocked when her employers told their staff that they were getting furloughed for 2 months. She found entrepreneurship had a huge learning curve, and felt so isolated working from home.
Shanelle went on searching women like her: passionate, talented, energetic, and focused. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find a space that catered to women like her. So, she created it. She starts a workshop series called Building Your Business aimed at helping women build business in a down economy. People were inspired by her passion to empower and connect women and led her to public speaking, radio, and television.


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