How the President (of my university) Inspired Me to Live My Purpose

Inspire: to breathe life into.

I recently realized – I live a pretty inspired life.

Meaning I move and live according to what I’d like to “breathe more life into”.

inspire breathe life into

When I make a move, it’s based on whether or not in the doing of that thing, I’m moving toward doing something that I’d like to “breathe” life into…get more of…increase in some way”.

Case in point – for those who don’t know, my day job has been in Higher Education off and on since 2007 – currently, I’m an academic advisor for a graduate acupuncture school.

Well at my school, we recently got a new President. Tall and jovial – he reminds me of the type of guy who back in the day would get in trouble for playing practical jokes on people.

In the past month or so since he’s been on board, he’s been shaking things up a bit at the university – making LOTS of changes.

My kind of guy 🙂

Anyway, a couple weeks ago, I poked my head into his office (just being my usual nosy ass self – you make good connections when you’re nosy!) and we got to talking.

I let him know I liked the stories and anecdotes he always seems to have in his back pocket and suggested he write a book full of them.

He sort of shied away from the idea – which is normal right?

Usually, when I make a suggestion to someone that they weren’t thinking about – they tend to need some time to think it over.

Anyway, so last week after a President’s meeting, I was standing speaking to a coworker when he (the president) approached us and asked how we were doing.

Being my typical flip at the lip self said “I’m doing great! How’s your book going?

He looked a bit taken aback, but never one to cower he replied “No one would buy a book from me.

Ooooh wee y’all – he clearly didn’t know who he was talking to lol.

Without even a second thought, I gave him a strategy he could implement immediately to sell several books – “You’re the President. Everyone would buy a book from you. All you have to do is teach a class and make your book the required text. Everyone wants to take a class with the President. Make your book available in the bookstore and boom – you’ve got booksales.”

The question he asked me next has been “breathing life into” my every move I’ve made since…

You know what he asked me?

Why aren’t YOU in Marketing?


You could have knocked my ass over with a feather right then.

How in the world did this man who didn’t know me from Adam know that marketing was my first love?

How did he know that I loved marketing so much that in any given situation, I was always quick on my feet with a marketing strategy for any person I spoke to?

I mean damn…that’s a good damn question! Why AREN’T I in marketing?

Luckily, the coworker I was speaking with had a quick comeback cuz I was straight standing there without a quick retort.

Oh she is! You need to hire her as a consultant! She’s done this and this...”

I don’t really remember the list of accolades my coworker was listing off…hell I was standing there daydreaming about what life could be like if I was in Marketing full time.

Since that little breath of life conversation, I’ve applied for 3 entrepreneur programs – one in Toronto next month, one in Tampa in August and one in Bali in October.

I’m ready to expand the #CoachYaDamnSelf brand to include my first love – teaching Marketing.

Have you ever been inspired by a chance encounter?

Let me know below!

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