TFFS029 Live Interview with Kim Fulcher


Today we talk to Kimberly Fulcher about how she helps women to solve common problems in their lives and how she becomes a successful entrepreneur. Kim and I have a great time sharing her passion in empowering women through her blog coaching; her love and experiences in working with women; the benefits from working on therapy and working with a coach; the powerful and painful lessons of her life and how she overcomes failure.

What you’ll Learn this episode:

  • What is a value entrepreneur?
  • How to become a successful entrepreneur?
  • What is an Emotional Intelligence?
  • What needs to know about a financial model?

A Little About Kim

Kim is a life coach and the author of Remodel Your Reality™; Seven Steps to Rebalance Your Life and Reclaim Your Passion.  She is a passionate advocate for women’s empowerment and publishes a popular life coaching blog at  Kim is the host and producer of GrooveTV, a weekly lifestyle series for women.

A teacher at heart, she lectures around the world and is a frequent media contributor.  Kim has appeared on numerous television and radio shows, and her expert advice has been featured in magazines such as Time and Seventeen.

Kim is a seasoned Silicon Valley professional and highly regarded entrepreneur with experience in education, technology, media, and personal development.  She is a recognized expert in affinity and social marketing.  Her previous roles include marketing leadership for HotChalk; an Education Technology company, founding MyLifeCompass; an eLearning company, and co-founding SkillsVillage; a Human Capital Management company (acquired by Oracle).

Kim combines her diverse business background with practical life coaching strategies to offer women real solutions for real life.  She is a happily married stepmother of four, a health nut and an activist for animals and the environment.  She lives at her home in Silicon Valley and her ranch in Washington State.

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