TFFS016 Live Interview with Lauren Varlack

Today we talk to Visual Design Strategist and Stationery Designer Lauren Varlack, about how she helps women entrepreneurs who want to be represented in their authentic way without apology in life and business.

Lauren and I have a great time sharing our experiences with visual branding design courses  and how it has helped to propel our business and keep our brands on the minds of clients and customers.

What you’ll Learn this episode:

  • Why building a relationship is important when establishing your brand.
  • How to represent your business thru personal branding.
  • Learn what systems most business experts were using and you can have them too.
  • Get the best business startup advice from the expert.

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A Little About Lauren:

Lauren Varlack is a Professional Branding Designer and Consultant and a Visionary who also own the which she primarily built to help women entrepreneurs express their authentic self and chart their deepest vision in life with amazing branding designs to represent their businesses.

Visionary Stationery also offers pre-designed, handcrafted, custom and personalized stationery such as journals, planners, thank you cards and other business stationery as well as visual branding design courses, templates, logo kits and more.


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