TFFS017 Live Interview With Halona Black

The Freedomfriends Show


Today we talk to Digital Well Publisher owner, Digital Health Marketing Consultant, and Business Coach Halona Black about her life transitions. We also talk about how her struggles and recovery with fibroids inspired her to keep stronger and motivated. That also gives her the idea of creating her first health and wellness blog called Garlic and Lemons. Halona and I  likewise have a great time as she shares her experience as how she was able to finished writing and publishing her first ebook “My whole journey with Fibroid.” That she dedicated the ebook to all women who are also diagnosed with fibroids, and to raise awareness on how to deal with such illness.

What you’ll Learn this episode:

  • How to balance both your full time job and business.
  • Discover possibilities for turning your book into new programs and services.
  • Take charge of the entire publishing process.
  • Find everything you need to publish your book in one place.

A Little About Halona:

Halona Black  is a Business Coach, a Health Writer – Editor and Consultant. She is the owner of Digital Well Publisher helping creative entrepreneurs monetize their expertise through self publishing of print books and ebooks. She help high performing coaches, speakers, experts, executives, healers, therapists, network marketing leaders, and entrepreneurs write a nonfiction business book to improve lead generation as well as gain more speaking engagements and clients.


Facebook: HalonaBlackWriter

Twitter: @HalonaBlack


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