As a new coach, I was tired of not knowing what was missing from my coaching programs.

Sick of not getting the results I’d hoped for.

But quite honestly, besides scouring Google all day and all night, there was literally nothing I could do.


All the “coaches” I found online either weren’t certified, weren’t qualified or didn’t care about the transformation coaching provided.

So I was stuck having to learn everything through trial and error. And for my life, I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong.

Now, 7 years later, after 3 coach certifications and the past 2 years spent coaching over 1000 behavior change clients and training 200+ coaches for one of the largest employers of coaches in the U.S. (over 1500 coaches on the team!) I’ve finally learned exactly why I struggled to grow my online coaching business and I would love to help you save time and stop struggling too.

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#CoachYaDamnSelf Book

One Coach's Take On Self Reflection, Networking
& Becoming a BadA$$ Entrepreneur

If you're in the business of serving - whether you’re a coach, coach-to-be or some other type of bad a$$ entrepreneur - there’s something in this book for you.

Natisha Willis has offered self-reflection, networking and entrepreneurial support for both coaches and counselors since 2007 through her version of relationship-based marketing, what she calls “friendship based” marketing.

She is the creator of the #CoachYaDamnSelf Challenge and one of the co-founders of the #FreedomFriends Network.

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