TFFS027 Live Interview with Netiva Heard


Today we talk to Netiva Heard about how she helps other people to excel and to become educated in finances, credit solutions, financial goals, budgeting, and debt elimination. Netiva and I have a great time to talk about her passion in financial education, personal financial coaching, and securing credit for the business.

What you’ll Learn this episode:

  • Why is financial education so important?
  • Why is ownership vital?
  • How she helps business owners and hitting to the next level?
  • Advantages of designating tasks to others

A Little About Netiva:

Netiva Heard is the owner of MNH Credit Solutions, LLC and the Facebook group, Credit Makes Sense. She studied Finance at Keller Graduate School of Management. She is also a Master in Financial Education, Certified Credit Counselor/ Personal Finance Coach, Certified Credit Specialist, Speaker, an Author, and Consumer Advocate.

Her passion is to help other people to improve and to become well educated particularly in financial aspects through financial education workshops, seminars, conferences, curricula, and training. As a result, people are being equipped with the tools, resources, and education that they need to know from financially limited to financially limitless.

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