TFFS012 Live Interview with Maurissa Bass

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Today we talk to Motivational Speaker Maurissa Bass who is also one of the Directors of The Living Well. We talk about how she helps facilitating individual and community development by creating resource circles for human and community expansion. Maurissa and I have a great time sharing our experiences with conducting strategic planning, systems change and training initiatives for different organizations.


What you’ll Learn this episode:

  • How to support individual and organization to take more ownership in the quality of services they are providing.
  • How to strengthen your emotional intelligence.
  • How to energize, ignite and activate a community by using art and space.
  • How to enjoy life in spite of many challenges that comes your way.

A Little About Maurissa:

Maurissa Bass is a professional Change Management Consultant specialize in Strategic Planning, Community Development and Organizing, Non-profit Board Development, Career and Life Coaching, Retreat Planning and Facilitation, Motivational Speaking, as well as Organizational Development Training. She is also the Studio Director of The Living Well, a community center dedicated to thoughtful expression, conscious expansion, and optimal wellness. Maurissa has over 20 years of experience as a change agent conducting strategic planning, systems change and training initiatives for Federal, State, local governments and nonprofit organizations.


Tel. No.:  410-212-5953


Website: The Living Well

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