TFFS006 Live Interview with Casey Jenkins

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Today we talk to Darker than Blue Cafe  Owner Casey Jenkins, about how he was able to recover at a very short period as his very first restaurant been closed over a year ago. Casey and I have a great time as he shares his experiences from being a cook in the marine corps to being the owner of one of the 50 best restaurants in Baltimore City.

What you’ll Learn this episode:

  • How to maintain entrepreneurship status for a long period.
  • How to recover fast from a failing business.
  • How to deal with competition effectively.
  • Determine the final push that can inspire you to start your own business.

A Little About Casey:

Casey Jenkins is an Entrepreneur, Business Owner and Community Activist. He owns the Birdland Sports Bar and Grill located in Baltimore City. Casey believes that one of the reasons his businesses keep up and running is due to his active involvement in the communities. He graduated with Associate Course from Culinary Institute of America, which is considered the best cooking school in the world. As he described that the Institute is like Harvard in the cooking world. Then, right after graduation, he was able to work in great places such as Aqua Beach; The Water’s Edge in New York City; and Delegates Dining Room in the United Nations. Right now, he keeps himself busy preparing for the reopening of another restaurant, Darker than Blue Cafe, also in Baltimore.


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