Connection Academy

Are you in a bind and don’t really have time for networking?
Or perhaps you’ve been so focused on your business that you haven’t really had time to meet the people you need and now you’re hustling to find who you need?

I can help.

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Everyone needs connections….don’t they?
Welcome to the Connection Academy – the premier resource for all the awesome folk needing to be CONNECTED.
Previously, receiving awesome connections were reserved for my #freedomfriends Mastermind Members and close friends and family.
However, over the years, I began to notice that people came to me to help them get connected on a regular basis.
No matter what the resource was, my friends and family came to me for help.
And help I did. Maybe it’s because I’ve lived all over the US, or consistently moved every 2 years my entire life – I know pretty much everybody. And daily, I make it a point to meet some of everybody else!
And those who I don’t know, I can guarantee I know someone who knows them. And if that’s not the case, I know how to get to know them – quickly, genuinely and in a way that creates a fast friendship.
I call it leading with my “give”.
Since I love connecting people to resources, in the past, I simply did it at no charge and with barely any afterthought.
Thanks to my own personal #dreamteam giving me a dose of my own “biz coach butt kicking” medicine during one of our 360 degree evaluations, I soon remembered the client advice I frequently gave – “the very things we do at no charge and naturally are the very things we should be creating a business around.”
Enter the Connection Academy. 
Ananse ntontan – Adinkra symbol for connections.
This is my opportunity to gather all the awesome and amazing people I give to on a regular basis and give, give and give some more!
In this space, as long as you remain a member, the giving has no end!
Inside your very own private fb group, I become your very own “gopher”.
Whatever quality resource you require, I pride myself on finding, vetting and connecting you with it.
Whether the resource is human or otherwise, I have developed a knack for finding it for you.
Because forming connections is really one of my most natural gifts, I typically find myself meeting and forming new connections with anywhere from 3 to 5 people per day.
You would think I’d get tired of meeting new people – but not at all. As an ENTP, that’s actually my favorite thing in the world to do PERIOD.
So, whether you’re looking to connect with a spouse, a potential employer or you’re just looking to become one of those well connected people in your local community – I can help!
The Connection Academy is currently accepting members on a 90 day trial membership of $97/month.
This means that for the duration of your quarterly membership I will lead bi-weekly trainings on the topics of your choice.
Need to know someone awesome?
Then join the Connection Academy today! See you on the inside!
Once payment is received, I will add you to our secret group where we discuss all things connection related – networking strategies, how to use your MBTI type in order to make (and keep) genuine connections, and every month a new training or resource dedicated to giving you amazing connection ability.