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The 90 Day Friend Finder

Paperback, 186 Pages



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The 90 Day Friend Finder


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”16″]The 90 Day Friend Finder is a tool used to track connections made both online and offline. This 100 page journal is the perfect tool for the entrepreneur who is tired of forgetting which Facebook groups she is getting visible in, which Calendly appointments overlap with offline appointments and which people to follow up with once you’ve made the initial connection.

This beautifully designed planner also has blank pages, called “Freedom Notes” where you can draw, doodle or scribble any notes or epiphanies from the day. In true success commitment fashion, there is also space for you to write down your annual and daily goals, your daily affirmation or inspirational saying and your gratitude list. This planner is a must-have whether you are building an online coaching business, an offline network marketing business or some combination of the two. Wholesale options are available.[/text_block]

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Publisher: Freedom Friends Club: Natisha Willis International, LLC.

Published: December 31, 2015

Language: English

Pages: 186

Binding: CoilInterior InkBlack & white

Weight: 1.29 lbs.

Dimensions (inches): 8.5 wide x 11 tall[/text_block]



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