WHO: You! All women are welcome to participate in this Challenge.

When: Sign-up now! The challenge officially starts January 2nd.

HOW: During the #CoachYaDamnSelf Challenge, you will receive a daily task via email for a period of 25 days (5 days per week). Each simple task will help you to master one key area of
your life, in just 5-10 minutes per day.

#CoachYaDamnSelf Goal: To identify self mastery tools and resources in five key areas: life, health, wealth, spiritual life and business.

The tasks will be delivered to you via email and my blog,

As a member of the Challenge, you'll be invited to a private group where thousands of other women are there to hold you accountable, offer resources and provide encouragement throughout the Challenge and beyond.



Let's create a positive shift in our lives, families, communities and ultimately, the WORLD by working together as a Sisterhood via the #CoachYaDamnSelf Movement!