TFFS048 Live Interview with Shanelle Calvin

  Shanelle Calvin is a Successful Coach, Course Creator, Speaker, Mastermind Facilitator, and Faith Based Content Creator. Shanelle and I have a wonderful time as she talks about her experience in coaching, how she started her own business, and how she helps other women to become a successful entrepreneur. What you’ll Learn this episode: Tips…

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TFFS034 Live Interview with Chris Wilson

  Today we talk Chris Wilson about his challenging experience and what motivates him to make his dreams possible. Chris and I have an awesome time while talking about his hardships. His story inspires me a lot because I can remember my brothers who have the same experience with him. Listening to his sad story…

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TFFS015 Live Interview With Dan Duster

3D Development Group President and Motivational Speaker

  Today we talk to 3D Development Group President and Motivational Speaker Dan Duster about how he educates leaders, organizations, and youth to be more confident, hopeful, and have tangible actions to make a significant impact in the community. It’s been a great experience for both of us as we share ideas about inspiring people…

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TFFS013 Live Interview with Rohan Gilkes

the freedomfriends show

Today we talk to LocalCaseStudy.Com founder and Serial Entrepreneur Rohan Gilkes, about how he was able to launched and grow several companies that generated millions in revenue. Rohan and I have a great time sharing experiences with business development ideas and the 80/20 approach to building a successful business.   What you’ll Learn this episode:…

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TFFS012 Live Interview with Maurissa Bass

freedomfriends show

Today we talk to Motivational Speaker Maurissa Bass who is also one of the Directors of The Living Well. We talk about how she helps facilitating individual and community development by creating resource circles for human and community expansion. Maurissa and I have a great time sharing our experiences with conducting strategic planning, systems change and…

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TFFS007 Live Interview with Evita Robinson

  Today we talk to Nomadness Travel Tribe founder Evita Robinson, about how she was able to launched an entire urban travel movement with over 15k members worldwide. Evita and I have a great time sharing her experiences in traveling to twenty countries as well as building online social community for like-minded travelers all around…

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TFFS005 Live Interview with Clay Mosley

Podcast Interview with Clay Mosley

  Today we talk to Rock City Digital founder and digital marketing expert Clay Mosley. He will share ideas about how he helps build a strong online presence and loyal customer communities for his clients. Clay and I have a great time sharing experiences with digital marketing and how he was able to implemented email…

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