TFFS045 Live Interview with Dr. Towanna Burrous

  Today we talk to Dr. Towanna Burrous, the President of Coach Diversity Institute, an award-winning author, a coach, and a social entrepreneur. Dr. Burrous and I have the best time to talk about her story of getting involved in coaching, what she’d noticed in the coaching industry, when is the best time for coaching, the…

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TFFS042 Live Interview with Shayla Boyd-Gill

  Today we talk to Shayla Boyd Gill, a Business Coach, Speaker, Money Freedom Expert, and Certified Profit First Professional. Shayla and I have a very wonderful and pleasant time as she talks about her experienced from bankruptcy to multiple six figure earner; her amazing experience that makes her different from other people; and what…

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TFFS030 Live Interview with Tajuana Ross

Today we talk to Tajuana Ross, Linkedin Professor who teaches entrepreneurs to upgrade from being the Hunter to being the Hunted on Linkedin. Tajuana and I have the best time sharing her job on how she helps clients to build their brand and strategize for the purpose of their business; how to maximize platform as…

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TFFS023 Live Interview with Dani Johnson

Today we talk to Special Gathering, LLC  President and Founder, Event producer, Communication Specialist, and Brand Strategist Dani Johnson, about how her mission to improve human quality of life by creating and promoting a positive environment. Dani and I have a great time sharing our experiences with event planning and business building and how she…

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TFFS018 Live Interview With Shade Adu

Today we talk to founder, Business and Life Coach Shade Y. Adu about how she help individuals, small business owners, organizations, and corporations expanding their brand by taking their brands global. Shade and I have a great time sharing our experiences with career transitions, goal settings, and the importance of having a mentor to…

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TFFS017 Live Interview With Halona Black

The Freedomfriends Show

  Today we talk to Digital Well Publisher owner, Digital Health Marketing Consultant, and Business Coach Halona Black about her life transitions. We also talk about how her struggles and recovery with fibroids inspired her to keep stronger and motivated. That also gives her the idea of creating her first health and wellness blog called…

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TFFS010 Live Interview with Dr. Nadia Brown

LIVE Interview with Dr. Nadia Brown

  Today we talk to Doyenne Leadership Institute CEO and Business Coach Dr. Nadia Brown, about how she helps women shatter the inner glass ceiling that is standing in the way of their career success. Dr. Nadia and I have a great time sharing our experiences with leadership and business development and how it has…

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TFFS006 Live Interview with Casey Jenkins

freedomfriends tv

  Today we talk to Darker than Blue Cafe  Owner Casey Jenkins, about how he was able to recover at a very short period as his very first restaurant been closed over a year ago. Casey and I have a great time as he shares his experiences from being a cook in the marine corps…

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TFFS004 Live Interview with Ayanna Castro

  Today we talk to Work Your Package  founder and Business Coach Ayanna Castro, about how and she started Work Your Package to raise awareness by educating, encouraging and equipping women from all walks of life through organizing conferences. Ayanna and I have a great time sharing our experiences with understanding different personalities and how…

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TFFS003 Live Interview with Allison Kirk

Live Interview with Miss Allison Kirk

  Today we talk to Instagram Marketing Strategist Miss Allison Kirk, also known as The Black Girl Boss. She’s on a mission to help black girls everywhere understand the world of opportunity that lies before them. Miss Allison Kirk have a great time sharing to me her experiences with world wide web and global marketplace.…

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