An online group coaching and entrepreneurship development program that teach es personal branding, networking and friendship based marketing strategies. Freedomfriends Network promotes creating genuine friendships as a way to build sustainable, community-and referral-based businesses.

Lacrecia Dangerfield, EdD is a Licensed Professional Counselor who empowers women to #AnswertheCALL of leadership in their professional and personal life. She encourages them to live their authentic brand from the inside out. She provides coaching, mentorship and training to other counselors and helping professionals who want to share their "genius" in the marketplace through entreprenuership and personal development.

Dr. Lacrecia has over 25 years of leadership and supervisory experience. Her professional trajectory has been marked with retail marketing, human resources, banking finally landing into the mental health profession. The realization that she has always had an interest in human and personal development.

Visionary Stationery creates an inspiring visual brands and stationery for women entrepreneurs who want to be represented in their authentic way without apology in life and business. They want to SLAY all day and will be exactly who they are! #sorrynotsorry boo.