CYDS Results

Before the challange I was afraid to show up for myself. I wasn't willing to be share my gifts with the world! Since the challange Ive began showing up in my life and business daily and have gained 3 new ideal clients willing and ready to work with me. You cant say this challange doesn't work!

Myisha Hill

My experience and reflection about the challenge....
This has been one of the best challenges that I have participated in a long time. I feel like I have been much more productive this than I have been in the past couple years. One of the things that I learned is the value of SHOWING UP for me. There is definitely a difference in saying you are going to do something and showing up. I'm noticing that the results that I am looking for will be connected to me SHOWING UP and DOING the work.

ShanTawaan Parks


The greatest gift I received from doing this challenge is believing and having faith in myself and the gifts that the Creator gave me and applying them in my present life to change my story and live from prosperity not poverty nor struggle.I will be launching my book and my business this year and SO IT IS !!!!!!

Valerie Keys


The CYDS has made me accountable to myself and then it has given me a community of accountability partners along with a smaller circle of accountability sistas being a part of the CYDS leadership team.
Last year, I was looking for someone to help me reach some goals, I connected with Natisha for a Mastermind group. As long as I showed up, Natisha would show up and asked what do you need and how can I serve you.
Not doing the work for me but partnering with me to accomplish my goals.

Lacrecia Dangerfield


What I learn from the challenge is CONFIDENCE, that I'm the only one that needs to believe, invest and validate me..... I've learn to coach my damn self!!

Nona Bishop


Kind of sad the challenge is coming to an end because I will miss our weekly interactions here after doing our assignments. I know though that this is just the beginning of even greater things to come. On the challenge I was so committed because I needed a "new normal" in my life to jumpstart things that I knew were lying dormant. I took the bottled up emotions and focused the energy on being consistent. I am proud to say that I stuck with it and so many things became clear to me unlike before. Scripture tells us everything has time and season and I affirm that it is my time. The collective energy here is AWESOME!!! I'm happy to be connected with such powerful women.

Yvette R. Toko


I stopped after the week about our spiritual life. I happen to think each week you covered what needed to be addressed in our lives. I think what needed to be added was accountability partners (I believe I shared that with you). The challenge ignited a fire inside of me in spite of not completing it and for that I'm truly grateful.

Natalie H. Manning