TFFS007 Live Interview with Evita Robinson

  Today we talk to Nomadness Travel Tribe founder Evita Robinson, about how she was able to launched an entire urban travel movement with over 15k members worldwide. Evita and I have a great time sharing her experiences in traveling to twenty countries as well as building online social community for like-minded travelers all around…

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Strategy Session Video

Schedule your strategy session here:

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TFFS006 Live Interview with Casey Jenkins

freedomfriends tv

  Today we talk to Darker than Blue Cafe  Owner Casey Jenkins, about how he was able to recover at a very short period as his very first restaurant been closed over a year ago. Casey and I have a great time as he shares his experiences from being a cook in the marine corps…

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How to Connect with Local Influencers

Connect with Local Influencers

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TFFS005 Live Interview with Clay Mosley

Podcast Interview with Clay Mosley

  Today we talk to Rock City Digital founder and digital marketing expert Clay Mosley. He will share ideas about how he helps build a strong online presence and loyal customer communities for his clients. Clay and I have a great time sharing experiences with digital marketing and how he was able to implemented email…

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Are you Coachable?

Are you coachable? #freedomfriends #dailyscope

Hey there freedom friends! This is Natisha Willis, your connection coach and networking strategist. I help entrepreneurs like you get connected more closely with your clients. Join me in another episode of Freedom Friends TV entitled “Are You Coachable?”  

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TFFS004 Live Interview with Ayanna Castro

  Today we talk to Work Your Package  founder and Business Coach Ayanna Castro, about how and she started Work Your Package to raise awareness by educating, encouraging and equipping women from all walks of life through organizing conferences. Ayanna and I have a great time sharing our experiences with understanding different personalities and how…

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How to Begin Launching Your Personal Brand

Launc Your Personal Brand

Hey Freedom Friends! This is Natisha Willis once again. So if you’re new to entrepreneurship and planning to building a brand, this video is for you. Join me here in freedom friends show as I discuss about how to begin launching your personal brand.  

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TFFS003 Live Interview with Allison Kirk

Live Interview with Miss Allison Kirk

  Today we talk to Instagram Marketing Strategist Miss Allison Kirk, also known as The Black Girl Boss. She’s on a mission to help black girls everywhere understand the world of opportunity that lies before them. Miss Allison Kirk have a great time sharing to me her experiences with world wide web and global marketplace.…

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3 reasons to STOP Selling #freedomfriend

#freedomfriends tv

Hey there, this is Natisha your freedom friend. Join me once again as I share some quick scope about 3 reasons to stop selling. In this short video, you will also learn how to promote your product or service without acting like selling at all.

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